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Thank You for visiting my New Internet Site. As a Fitness Professional, I want to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with me, information where I will be presenting and also how to get my latest videos.  Please visit my Schedule of Events to see where I will be in the future & my Links pages for the Hotest New Music,  My Latest Videos and many of the top fitness products available in the industry.

My site is always changing, please check in with me regularly to see what I am up to, and to see where I have been.  I will be posting photos regularly, so check in to see if I caught you in action.  I am making every effort to present you with the latest information available.  At this point, I would love to hear your feed back on my site.  Please click on the contact me section below to have your voice heard.

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  1. Tuesday January 18Th-My first Blog. OK, here goes if anyone is listening. I feel like today is a great day to start blogging. It’s raining and dreary in Charlotte so we need a pick-me-up! Let’s talk about getting in shape. Here’s an idea for you, follow my workouts for a month and let me know how you are doing.

    Today spend 45 minutes doing cardio listening to some really good music and pushing yourself hard. Then hit the weights..Today it’s a circuit workout 3 rounds of 15 reps.

    Start with ball squats on the wall (feet turned out at the hip). Then dumbbell chest press on the ball or bench-Shoulder flies-tricep dips-double crunch for the abs. After your third round, end with a stretch for all the muscles you’ve worked out. You will be out of the gym in an hour and 15 minutes and leave feeling really great!

  2. Ericazone says:

    Hi Gay! It’s good to see your blog. I’m looking forward to getting back to my gym – to teach and to train. I’m also looking forward to seeing you again at the Orlando Mania. 🙂

  3. Wednesday January 19th and it’s a beautiful day in Charlotte! We need to talk about working out. Today one hour of cardio of your choice. For me it’s going to be a cycling class and a core workout. The exercises will be 10 Turkish get ups on the right and left. Planks into side planks and 100 bicycles.
    One hour and 15 minutes all for yourself.
    After this week we’ll talk about eating right.
    Let’s first get our workouts under way!

  4. Hi Erica,
    What kept you out of the gym? What do you teach?
    I always like teaching at Orlando mania. The participants are always very nice.

  5. Gay Gasper says:

    Thursday January 20th and kind of cold in Charlotte. Let’s warm the day up with a little heat in the gym.
    Back and biceps with intervals of jump rope
    Warm up with 10 sun salutations
    Assisted pull-ups 12 reps-1 minute of jump rope-2 sets
    Dumbbell rows-15 reps-1 minute of jump rope-2 sets
    Seated rows 12 reps-1 minute jump rope-2 sets
    20 lbs-15 lbs-10lbs-8lbs
    10 reps of hammer curls with each weight, no rest
    2 minutes of jump rope-2 sets

  6. Marianne says:

    Hi Gay! I have a couple of your older CIA workouts and really like them. I’ve been searching for some new and intense step workouts, but the ones out seem to be either very dancey or “fusion” type workouts, where I’m looking for just cardio. Can you give me the low down on Rock Star Step and Step Sensation? Thanks!!!

  7. I love this article. Thanks. I have a blog where I could link this article to. I’m looking for sites where muscle building tips are being discussed. I think its very helpful to people starting out. I remember what its like when I was new at this. I scour the web for articles. Now I go to places where I could find everything under one place. Thanks for this article.

  8. Hi Marianne,
    I think I shot those with IFTA. I’m passionate about all my step workouts. You can find those on
    They were shot last winter and I think you will enjoy the choreography!
    Let me know.
    Thank you,

  9. Andy Levie says:

    Hi Gay!

    I am listening to some fun music at work and I just said…”Where’s Gay Gasper when you need her!” I’d love to be Mamboing with you to some 32 counts.

    I really enjoyed helping you last year at SCW Orlando mania!

    You are the best! It’s always a pleasure to watch you KICK IT! 🙂

  10. Hi Andy,
    Thanks for your message. I hope to see you this year at SCW!
    Can you email me a new foot pattern!! I need some motivation..

  11. Jen Ryan says:

    Yay! So glad to see your site up and running. Your ..Dummies videos have long been my go-to workouts, so I wanted to stop in and thank you for the part you’ve played in my 25 pound (and counting!) loss. All the best for now and ever. 🙂

  12. Hi Jen,
    Thanks for your message!
    I am so glad you are continuing your exercise program. I know being fit and having a healthy and strong body takes commitment and continous work. Please check in once in a while to let me know how you are doing. Hope you are having a fit day!

  13. Andy, you’re moving to Japan! Why?

  14. Kirsten Ireland says:

    Hi Gay! Glad to see your website is up! I have a small collecition of your workouts from CIA videos and they are great..! Since I have limited chances to get to classes at the gym I am soooooo grateful to have the option to workout to your dvd’s at home…you are a lifesaver! Thanks!

  15. Aasma Aziz says:

    I bought ur “fat burning aerobics for dummies” DVD 2yrs back from UK London n used to do it regularly, n tat helped me loosing wt as well as tonning up my body and surly it was very effective. my neighbour borrowed it n lost it.
    can u help me how i can get ur DVD, while am in Pakistan….

  16. O'marle Carter says:

    Hey gay… are you? loving the blogs by the way.

  17. Hi O’Marle, I needed your help with my step class at ECA this pst weekend. I’m sorry you were not there!
    We have to find a way for you to go to ECA Miami!
    How ae you? How is Garth? Miss you both!

  18. Thank you so much for using the dummis workout video! I loved shooting those videos and hoped people would get results!
    Pakistan? Wow, One of my other favorites is abs for dummies. You can find that on-line. I also have a total body workout at called Strength Factor.
    Best wishes, your workout partner,

  19. Thanks Kristen! I am so glad you are working out.
    Your workout partner,

  20. Thanks for the idea! I will look for him. Are you still in San Fran? I hope you are safe Andy!

  21. Oh Andy, I thought I usually see you in San Fran?Are you from Orlando? I’m getting my cities mixed up!

  22. Kim, what is the title of the videos. I can look to see if I have a copy. Thank you! Gay

  23. Hi Leenisha, I’m so glad you enjoy step! Which step videos are you doing? My CIA step videos are all great workouts. That’ Creative Instructor Aerobics. Also on you can find more of my workouts. Let me know if I’ve helped. Have a great day! Gay

  24. Hi Ariel, thank you for your comments.
    If you are having low back pain, it’s important that you move your body. Keep the impact low. That means there should be one foot in contact with the ground. Hope you are doing well. Gay

  25. Kirsten Ireland says:

    Hi Gay! Just wondering…can you tell me the best way to find any dvd’s you have available for purchase? I used to get them from CIA website, but it seems to be gone. I absolutely love “All Cardio Step” but have done it so many times!!!! I have a few others of yours from a while back, but would love to find something new. Have you ever made any kickboxing dvd’s?

  26. Hi Martha, I may have some in a box in my storage. I am working on having those videos on DVD. I’ll get back to you.
    Thank you for your message.

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