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Tuesday January 18th

Tuesday January 18Th-My first Blog. OK, here goes if anyone is listening. I feel like today is a great day to start blogging. It’s raining and dreary in Charlotte so we need a pick-me-up! Let’s talk about getting in shape. Here’s an idea for you, follow my workouts for a month and let me know how you are doing.

Today spend 45 minutes doing cardio listening to some really good music and pushing yourself hard. Then hit the weights..Today it’s a circuit workout 3 rounds of 15 reps.

Start with ball squats on the wall (feet turned out at the hip). Then dumbbell chest press on the ball or bench-Shoulder flies-tricep dips-double crunch for the abs. After your third round, end with a stretch for all the muscles you’ve worked out. You will be out of the gym in an hour and 15 minutes and leave feeling really great!

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