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  1. I have recently finished a video shoot for Urban Rebounding! The new series of videos will be Extreme Urban Rebounding. I am so thoroughly excited about this project. I have not done rebounding for a very long time then JB Burns called me to be a part of this project. I have to say being a part of an incredible team of fitness professionals including, Greg Sims, Keli Roberts, Greg Cook, Patrick Goudeau and Amy Bento. Along with an unbelievable supporting cast. Matthew, one of my fabulous backups (in the photo on top), is currently dancing, singing and acting on Broadway in A Women on the edge of a nervous breakdown.
    These video will be part of an infomercial about to hit the airwaves. I absolutely love the Urban Rebounding workout! It’s like no other experience. Low impact and so easy on the joints. We push the envelope in this workout series, check out Greg Cook, WOW!. My body looks like that because of Urban Rebounding. For one month all I did was prepare for this video. It was hard, but really fun!
    I hope you checkout the Extreme Urban Rebounding video series and you take on the challenge!!

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