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  1. Good Day Everyone! OK, it’s Wednesday, January 26TH on again a rainy, dreary day in Charlotte. I moved south from NJ for better weather and I can’t seem to find it! I guess it’s in Jamaica…

    Skipped a few days of blogging on workouts. Forgive me, let me catch up.

    Monday, January 24TH
    Treadmill for 45 minutes-Walk run combo
    Legs circuit: 3 sets no rest between (still can’t walk right)
    Ball squats on the wall
    Step out side lunges with a dumbbell overhead press
    Lying down ball hamstring curls
    Ball drop from ankles and catch in hands
    Evening Hot Yoga (with my Husband)

    Tuesday, January 25TH
    45 minutes on the treadmill-walk, run, grapevine and side skip
    Chest-Shoulders-Triceps circuit with jump rope for one minute between each exercise
    Dumbbell bench press
    Shoulder dumbbell flies
    Tricep dips to failure
    10 sun salutations to cool down and stretch
    Watched the Presidents State of the Union Address! I am hoping for some inspiration from the President. I liked his speech. He is such an eloquent speaker. What did you think?

    Wednesday, January 26TH
    Elliptical training one hour or your favorite group exercise class or video
    Back and Biceps
    Back dumbbell rows
    Standing cable rows or seated rows
    Alternating dumbbell bicep curls
    Straight bar curls
    Ab crunches of your choice totaling 100 reps
    Downward facing dog and cobra to stretch

  2. Bright blue sky day in Charlotte!
    Workout for today:
    2 mile walk with my favorite workout partner Jorgie my Jack Rusell (my husband runs a close second!)
    Your favorite cardio class (my favorite…hands down…step)

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